A downloadable game for Windows

"Twitch. Natural Language Processing. Chickens." thus said Lead Designer Bill Lin, and hence, Feather Weight was born. Everyday, several hundred thousand people backseat-game as they watch streamers play games broadcasted over Twitch. With Feather Weight, we aim to empower the Twitch viewers with the ability to play side-by-side with their favorite Twitch personality.

Feather Weight is an arena-style action game. Twitch chatters vote on what challenges and creatures the streamer will face in each round, with the streamer's ultimate goals being survival and, you guessed it, collection of as many chickens as possible.


  • Designed from Day 1 with Twitch integration in both gameplay and interface.
  • Streamer fights off waves of enemies and collects chickens, as chatters type in commands that spawn trees, bears, rock monsters, and other mayhem!
  • In between waves, chatters vote on new skills to add to their repertoire. At the same time, the streamer spends his/her hard-won chickens on new equipment.
  • A visual style marked by handsome low-poly environments and quirky paper characters.
  • Most importantly, this game is made with love.


Feather Weight v1.01 50 MB